Pokemon players know how hard it is to get your Pokemon to where they are now. Nurturing a captured Pokemon you got from Level 5 all the way to its max level certainly ain’t an easy task. Sometimes, gamers play for days, weeks, and sometimes, even years of grinding. And there’s those shiny Pokemon which are really really rare. But what if somebody deleted that game you’ve been working so hard on?

And what will you do if that somebody who deleted your Pokemon game is your girlfriend or boyfriend? Would you break up with him or her? If he/she showed remorse, would you even have the heart to forgive? That’s exactly what twitter user, @mizutarou00312, asked people on social media. He asked people that if your lover would delete your Pokemon save but showed remorse, would you forgive?

As the results have shown, 65% of those who answered said no, they won’t forgive, while only 35% said yes. Yes folks, Pokemon (or gaming in general) is serious business, so don’t you ever dare. But then again, there are those who are really forgiving granted you show remorse.

But in my honest opinion, it depends on the situation. If they accidentally deleted it and showed remorse, then I’d forgive. If they deleted it on purpose without understanding how hard I worked for that save though…

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