In Japan, Gashapon machines crank out all sorts of merchandise, from candy to can badges to mini figures to all sorts of goodies. However, in Nagoya, one Gashapon machine lets you get handwritten love letters from Japanese high school girls!

The Gasgapon machine’s products are called “A Letter from Kiki”, and for 200 yen, you can get a handwritten love letter. However, these letters can also be used for pranks or trolling people. A note on the machine’s side says that you can put it on your friend’s shoe locker.

Of course, in Japan, putting a letter in someone’s locker can mean one of two things. You’re either planning to confess your love, or as most shounen/comedy manga show, challenge someone to a fight. In this case, it’s the latter. Now imagine the look on your friend’s face when he reads a letter like this:

“It’s me Kiki, the girl who sits next to you.
Thank you for lending me your CD. We always have so much in common with our favorite music and things. I’ve been listening nonstop to the band you recommended to me the other day! I really like it (><) ♪
I heard they’re going to have a concert soon. I want to go, but just going by myself would be lonely. Do you want to come with me??
If you don’t want to that’s perfectly fine!
But, if you do want to go together, maybe we could have a really fun time! Since we only ever talk at school, I always think of things I want to tell you when I get home lol.
So maybe we could do other things together, not just the concert, but like go to karaoke or out to eat after school!
I have a ton of other things I want to tell you.
Tell me your answer tomorrow.
Oh, and don’t forget your textbook tomorrow!
I’m not gonna let you borrow mine anymore lol

Or something a bit more “Yandere”…

“You ignored my LINE message the other day, didn’t you?
What were you doing for those 30 minutes before I got the message that you’d ‘seen’ it?
What were you doing for those 3 hours before you sent a reply?
Just sending a stamp isn’t enough to help me understand.
I was worried so I went to your house but the lights weren’t on.
Where were you? Were you out with someone?
I’m busy with work too, but I still let you know where I’m going.
I like you, so I make the time for you. Isn’t that just common sense?
Every day at work I think about you so much that it can be a distraction.
How much you do you think about me every day?
Please send your reply soon.

Now that would certainly send a friend in panic…

Yes folks, these are more for pranks than for having some creepy guy read and drool over them. But then again, this is just Japan being Japan.

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 source: Sora News 24


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