Ever wonder what it’s like to go on a date with Hatsune Miku? Well, electronics engineer, Alsione, might have the answer to that question. Using Microsoft HoloLens, he is developing a new Augmented Reality program (AR) that allows tou to go on a date with the virtual diva herself!

The AR program will have Miku will walk with you, sit down with you, and also climb up and down stairs with you. She does remain a bit expressionless for a while, until she flashes you a smile. And if you try to look under her skirt, she will get angry. Aside from the AR Miku date, the engineer is also working on an AR Miku figure.

He’s been fascinated with AR dating for quite some time now, and even made a much simpler date video back in 2012, as well as another one in 2013.

He’s even done a program where you can actually kiss with Miku!

As for the Miku model used in the first video, it’s actually a MikuMiku Dance (MMD) model made by Hakutory.

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