German film production company Constantin Film is planning on live-action adaptations for two of Capcom’s most successful video game franchises. According to their chairman of the board, Martin Moszkowicz, they will be making a live-action Hollywood movie adaptation of Monster Hunter.

At the Cannes film festival, Martin Moszkowicz stated that Constantin Film aims to bring the rights to Monster Hunter onto the market in late 2017 or early 2018. Paul W. S. Anderson will be directing the movie, while Jeremy Bolt is producing. Anderson directed all six Resident Evil movies.

And speaking of Resident Evil, Constantin Film is also planning on a Resident Evil reboot. However, they’re still keeping details a secret, but they’re definitely serious about making one.

As for Anderson, he said that the world of Monster Hunter has a big “opportunity to have a cinematic universe.” He’s also even written a draft for the film’s script.

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source: Variety


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