We have some good news Hunter x Hunter fans, because Yoshihiro Togashi is coming out of hiatus to continue Hunter x Hunter! The news comes as Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine, which announces the manga’s return on June 26, 2017.

The reason for this latest hiatus is Togashi’s usual “back pains”, which he has been complaining about in his previous return. However, the mangaka did manage to do an 11-week run last time, which was longer than the last time he returned. The manga has been on hiatus for 42 weeks now, which is almost half as long as his previous hiatus of 80 weeks. Hey, fans even made a chart about Hunter x Hunter’s frequent hiatuses:

Hunter x Hunter’s hiatuses have been known to frustrate fans, as Togashi has been doing it since 1998, his launch year. The mangaka has been complaining about chronic back pain throughout his run, and his hiatuses have been known to last for years. Hopefully, he would break last year’s 11 weeks of working and finally finish the series.

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