The Kyoto International Manga Museum is considered the largest manga library on Earth. But now, it seems that Japan is now getting a bigger one. The town of Naka, Tokushima is turning a former grade school building into something that can be described as the “World’s Largest Manga library”. Coincidentally, the current “world’s largest manga library”, the Kyoto International Manga Museum, is also built from a former grade school building.

According to Tokushima Shimbun, this new manga museum will boast over 300,000 manga, making it larger than the famous Kyoto International Manga Museum. They aim to finish the project by the end of 2018.

And the town of Naka ain’t the only ones responsible for this enormous project. Yasushi Fujita, the president of E-book company, Media Do, is from that very town, and he’s personally heading the project. This is part of his plans to revitalize his home town, and stated that this manga library would cost up to 200 to 300 million yen.

The library will not only include classics from the legends of the manga industry like Osamu Tezuka and Go Nagai, but some of the more recent titles as well. And since Fujita heads an e-book company, it will blend in the old and a new, as the library will also contain tablets for digital manga.

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source: Tokushima Shimbun


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