Looks like the Love Live! franchise has added brand new school idols, and they will be making up their “Perfect Dream Project”. These new additions will be part of KLab Games and Bushiroad’s Love Live! School Idol Festival smartphone game.

Much like μ’s and AQOURS, the school idols of the “Perfect Dream Project” also have nine members. Also like the two previous groups, their members are divided into three years, with each year having three members. Oh, and their apparent leader also looks like a Honoka clone. These new idols include:

Ayumu Uehara (2nd year)

Ai Miyashita (2nd year)

Setsuna Yuki (2nd year)

Emma (3rd year)

Kanata Konoe (3rd year)

Karin Asaka (3rd year)

Shizuku Osaka (1st year)

Kasumi Nakasu (1st year)

Rina Tennoji (1st year)

Bushiroad and Klab will be revealing their respective seiyuu/voice actresses in the days to come. As of now, the group still seems to be only for the smartphone game, but given how the official website looks like, many are wondering if they will also have their own anime. Right now, nothing is official yet.

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