In the anime industry, most series often turn a blind eye to doujinshi, those fan-made works that aren’t just limited to manga and games, but also other merchandise. The reason for this stems from a variety of reasons, from cultivating future talent (as most well-known mangaka often start out as doujinshi artists) to the fact that doujins usually help in promoting the series. However, one anime franchise is putting its foot down, and it’s Love Live!

The doujinshi industry in Japan is huge, with several events, shops, online shops, and even arcades selling fan-made and unlicensed merchandise. But now, the rights holders for Love Live! are sending out cease and desist letters to these shops and arcades, with the official website also making an announcement itself.

The website asks people to stop making these Love Live! doujin merchandise, as these infringe copyright laws. They said that they will strictly deal with these illegal goods accordingly, and they won’t ignore reports if someone is selling them. It then asks people to not buy these illegal goods, and also thanks them for supporting Love Live!

However, the announcement did not reveal anything about banning doujin manga and books. The most popular kind if doujinshi are of course, manga, which usually get distributed in stores like Tora no Ana, as well as events like Comiket. The interpretation for the ban has been divided, with some fans speculating that the ban is only for Love Live doujin merchandise like key chains, button pins, dakimakura, etc., and do not include the doujin manga. However, the announcement is stressed that they are going after all sorts of unlicensed merchandise.

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