Ayase Aragaki has proven to be one of OreImo’s most popular and endearing characters. She recently received her own life-size figure, and now, it seems she’s also getting a few other things, including her own A.I. program, as well as a novel focusing on her.

During the Machi Asobi event, the staff and cast of Eromanga Sensei revealed during a stage event that Ayase will be getting herself an “interactive AI-raising project”. This will be done through the “Nakiri Shitsumon Ootou”A.I. answering program by NTT Docomo and Dwango. Fans can ask the A.I, program questions, and it will answer back as the OreImo character. They can also choose to submit questions and replies that Ayase might say. This OreImo-based A.I. will develop her character according to the fans’ responses.

The event also revealed that Ayase’s OreImo PSP visual novel game route will be getting its own novel adaptation. The novel will feature a “revised and expanded version” of the game’s Ayase route scenario, which was written by OreImo and Eromanga Sensei creator, Tsukasa Fushimi himself. A sequel novel may also be released, but that depends on how well fans received the novels.

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