Cosplayers around the world are now getting more and more famous, with some even becoming household names. One country which has shown innovation in cosplay is Japan, which is famous around the world for its cosplayers. One of them is a trap coser who goes by the twitter handle, @OnaDo_Do.

Now, @OnaDo_Do is quite known for some sexy and revealing cosplays, even if people know he’s a trap cosplayer. Heck, he even describes himself on twitter as “a salaryman who dresses up as a woman.” However, he’s also gotten a lot of foreign followers, which seem to behave a lot more gentlemanly than their Japanese counterparts. And while he gets lots of kind messages and compliments from his foreign fans, he describes his Japanese followers to be a lot ruder and cruder than their foreign counterparts. In a tweet, the trap cosplayer differentiated his followers:

“The only kind of messages I get from Japanese people are dick pics and people saying ‘Let’s have sex ^^.’ But from foreigners, I always get messages like ‘You are incredibly sexy. I love you. You have the most beautiful eyes, and from the other side of the ocean, I’m praying that they’ll always keep shining. Good night, my beloved.’ For a moment, they almost make me swoon.”

Yeah, so Japanese cosplay fans just seem to love sending the trap pictures of their junk. Other Japanese cosplayers have also admitted to getting them from their Japanese followers as well. And while “dick pics” aren’t common only in Japan, this shows that there is quite a difference in how many cosplayers are viewed between Japan and in the rest of the world. While many foreigners would admire the quality of costume, characterization, or the accuracy and even sexiness of the cosplayer, some Japanese just see an object of desire.

There are still a lot of people who treat cosplay as “consent” to do whatever they want with him/her outside of Japan though. In fact, there is an awareness campaign for “Cosplay is not Consent” going around in the US during conventions. But all in all, this may be more about giving cosplayers some respect and space. Hey, just don’t be rude enough to send a cosplayer who barely knows you a picture of your junk or make unwanted passes to him/her, ok? Stay classy, and it shouldn’t matter if you’re Japanese or a foreigner, as long as you treat every cosplayer with respect.

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source: Sora News 24


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