The No Game, No Life Zero movie will follow the events before Shiro and Sora even came to the alternate world. It will follow Riku and Shuvi, along with a host of new characters, as well as a few returning ones. However, as the movie’s new visual is revealed, they show that the TV anime/light novel’s main characters, Shiro and Shora are also returning.

Aside from the return of Shiro and Sora, the staff also revealed that Konomi Suzuki is singing the anime movie’s theme song, which is titled “There is a Reason.”

The twitter page also revealed several bonuses for those who purchase advance tickets. They include advance posters which show the two sets on main characters. The first one features Shiro, Sora, and Stephanie Dola, while the second one features Riku, Shuvi, and Corone Dola.

Madhouse will also be animating the movie, much like the TV anime, with Atsuko Ishizuka directing it. However, unlike the TV anime, it will have a new character designer in Satoshi Tasaki. The movie will premiere July 12, 2017.

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