During the “Chiyo-St. Live 2017 -Genesis-” event, 5pb. and Mages made plenty of new announcements about their upcoming planned games for the Science Adventure series. This includes Robotics;Notes DaSH, which is the “true sequel” to their Robotics;Notes games. They may have announced the sequel, but they didn’t announce any further details, as we still don’t know which platform they will release this Science Adventures series game in.

They also revealed Steins;Gate Elite, which is a major update for the Steins;Gate game. However, much like the Robotics;Notes sequel, they didn’t announce much details, though we do know they’re adding some new elements for the game.

Meanwhile, for Anonymous;Code, they revealed that along with its PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions, it will also get one for the Nintendo Switch. MAGES. president Chiyomaru Shikura previously said that they are releasing the game by last Winter, but clearly that didn’t push through. As of the moment, they still haven’t confirmed the game’s exact release date.

While not truly a part of the Science Adventure series, the event also announced something for  Occultic;Nine. In their announcement, they revealed that the novels/anime will be getting its own PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Xbox One versions. It will also get its third novel by Bunko Overlap by summer 2017.

Finally, they also talked about Chaos;Child, which is now via available for Android smartphones. It went on sale last June 11, and costs 2,000 yen.

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