How trustworthy are otaku in Japan? Our friends over at Tokyo Otaku Mode aimed to find out… while also conducting a special Akihabara shopping spree giveaway worth US$5,000. Basically, they’ll give 50,000 yen each to 10 random strangers in Akihabara, and ask them to buy whatever they want with that money. But they have to come back on schedule and prove that the Japanese are really trustworthy people.

Basically, if that otaku they gave the money to comes back, they’ll prove that the Japanese are really trustworthy. But if they take the money and run, it will be “a striking counterexample to all the stories you usually hear about how well-behaved Japanese people are.” Tokyo Otaku Mode will also be recording what happens on video.

Whatever happens, one lucky winner will be getting what those 10 random otaku bought ($5000+ value w/ free international shipping — full value to be provided by TOM even if some or all of our recruited shoppers take the money and never come back.). Once they selected the winner, they will conduct the experiment in Akihabara by mid-June.

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