Male idol anime are all the rage in Japan nowadays, with series like UtaPri and Starmyu becoming highly successful. There’s even [email protected] Side-M that’s coming along!

And there are even a few anime which could pretty much have successful “idol spin-offs” just based on their male cast members. This is why recently asked 150 people, 80% of whom are all women, on which anime is the one that they think has the male cast who could have a successful male idol group. The anime voted on for the list must not be an idol anime, so series like the ones mentioned above don’t count. Here are the Top 10:

10 – Yu-Gi-Oh! (Franchise)

9 – Mobile Suit Gundam (Franchise)

8 – Yuri!! on Ice

7 – Attack on Titan

6 – Kuroko’s Basketball

5 – The Heroic Legend of Arslan

4 – Gintama

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