These days, Goku doesn’t use his Flying Nimbus that much because you know… he can fly. But for a time, the Flying Nimbus was really Goku’s go-to transport, and a lot of people really wanted to rode it. Now, thanks to Shounen Jump’s own indoor amusement park, J-WORLD TOKYO, fans will get the chance to ride it… in virtual reality of course.

Starting July 2017, the manga theme park will be running its own virtual coaster, with passengers experiencing a ride on top of the Flying Nimbus. Much like the iconic Dragon Ball OP, up to two people can ride the cloud, but children must be at least 4 years old to ride.

Called the  “ZENKAI Kinto’un”, the ride combines 3D projection, gimmicks such as wind and mist, and the use of 3D glasses to make it look like you’re really flying with Goku’s golden cloud. Its scenario involves the Flying Nimbus transporting passengers on top of the Karin Tower in order to enter the Tenkaiichi Budokai martial arts tournmaent. One trip on the Flying Nimbus costs 800 yen.

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