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Over the last three decades Temco Koei’s iconic series of Dynasty Warriors action, adventure and strategy games, set during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, has been a massive success across PC, console and handheld platforms. With the recent launch of Dynasty Warrior: Unleashed for the mobile in collaboration with with Nexon and Xpec Entertainment, this epic franchise has made a very successful jump to to the iOS and Android OS platform.


Playing the game

The success of Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed on mobile (free downloadis not just due to the game’s visually stunning graphics and pulsating hack and slash gameplay, but also for its rich tapestry of scenes, stages and campaigns that are based on historical events from the Three Kingdoms period where changing loyalties and treachery created a chaotic period as powerful warlords fought to make themselves the Emperor of China. In fact, many of the great heroes and key villains of the era actually appear in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed as player characters, known in the game as Officers, with over 159 Officers available (as of update 05.30), each with individual skills, weapons, allegiance and histories.


As an Officer from the Wei, Shu or Wu Kingdoms, you will face intrigue and betrayal as you battle through the levels in the game’s Campaign Mode, using special weapons, armour and elemental abilities to fight your way through hordes of soldiers to face each level’s Captain. Gameplay controls are quite simple with a virtual ‘joystick’ on the left of your screen to control your Officer’s movement, and a range of buttons on the right for attacks and abilities. You can also have a team of up to three Officers accompanying you at every level – one of which, intriguingly, is an Officer borrowed from another player that you can find and ‘recruit’ just before you start a level.


After you’ve mastered the easier levels, Dynasty Warrior: Unleashed becomes quite difficult as players need to become familiar with a range of upgrade and leveling options – from refining your weapons to leveling up your officers and their individual abilities. You are now also able to access Battlefield Mode, where you engage in real-time PvP battles against other players in a variety of battles and settings.


Latest 05.30 update features

With the latest update 05.30, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has had some welcome new changes to the game, though the biggest change is the addition of a brand new Chapter 7 to the Campaign Mode!


Once you’ve cleared the last level of Chapter 6 in Elite (6-10, Battle of Chanban) you can then access the first level in Chapter 7 The Battle of Red Cliffs Part 1. Based on the historic Battle of Red Cliffs (perhaps the biggest naval battle in history) the chapter challenges players with a variety of levels based on the actual Red Cliffs Battle (on the banks of the Yangtze River near modern day Hebei) including on board the ships of Cao Cao’s naval forces and on the actual Red Cliffs themselves!


The new Chapter 7 also introduces players to two new officers – Pang Tong and Han Dang, who were both at the actual Battle of Red Cliffs.


Officer Fusion and Transcendence

Additionally, to enhance Officer leveling, two new features have been added to the game – Officer Fusion and Transcendence. With Officer Fusion players can combine two similar level Officers to create a higher level Officer – for example you can combine two 4 star Officers to produce one 5 star Officer. By combining many lower-ranked officers you can quickly create 6 star Officers to meet the harder challenges in the later chapters.

To face the hardship of Chapter 7, players with level 45 accounts are now able to Transcend their 6-star level 60 Officers in a method similar to Fusion, though you need to use the same Officer characters with identical elements and stars. There are a total of 6 Transcendence Levels – indicated by a Crimson star replacing the Gold stars in your Officer’s profile, with each Transcendence Level increasing your Officer Level by 3 and Skill Level by 2. With Transcendence Level 6 your Officer will reach Officer Level 80 and Skill Level 24!


New Dungeons to Conquer

With the latest update to Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed players now get to experience new dungeons as well as a new map in Conquest mode that provides a more challenging arena, though with better rewards. For the new Guild Dungeon a Guild Leader or Subleader of a Level 3 Guild or above can now create a dungeon that only opens for 24 hours or until it’s progression points goal is reached. Players who participate in Guild Dungeons to fight cooperative battles with other Guild members will receive Silver or Gold War medals that can be used in the Trade Shop to purchase Edict Scrolls and Baozi, while the Guild itself will gain fame.

The Growth Dungeon is a new challenge feature that has daily objectives for players to complete.

Fast paced and immensely entertaining, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is without doubt one of the best hack and slash mobile games now available!

Download and play Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed now!





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