The popular free-to-play mobile hack and slash game Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has already surpassed 6 million downloads in the seven weeks since its global launch, and with a brand new update is now set to hit new heights!


With update 05.30 the game’s publisher Nexon, in conjunction with XPEC Entertainment and Koei Tecmo Games have added a new campaign, additional regions for Conquest, new dungeons and advanced character growth options to the iconic combat action series. The Battle of Red Cliff: Part 1, the classic battle in the Dynasty Warriors story line of the Three Kingdoms, is now available and adds 10 new stages to this epic saga. New warriors Pang Tong and Han Dang have also joined the fray and will play an important role in the Battle of Red Cliff campaign.

New warrior Han Dang

New dungeon experiences have been introduced through the Guild Dungeon, Growth Dungeon and new regions in Conquest Mode. Players can now use Guild Points to open the Guild Dungeon where they’ll engage in cooperative battles with other Guild members to conquer each challenging stage and unearth valuable rewards. The new Growth Dungeon features a new objective every day for players to compete, while a new map for Chronicle Mode provides better rewards in a challenging new arena. 

With nearly 5 million 4 player PvP battles already waged in the popular Skirmish mode, the introduction of 1 vs 1 real-time PvP gives competitive players a chance to test their skills in head-to-head combat. Players can now combine duplicate officers in the Officer Fusion system to harness their strength and create a more powerful character, as well as utilize the option to change their officer’s Element. Finally, officer Transcendence empowers your officer beyond the limits of human boundaries by adding crimson stars to their original rank.

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