You’ve heard of Itasha, right? Those “painful” anime cars going around Japan? How about Itachari, those anime-themed bikes? Well, I don’t think they can compare to what Japan’s E-Flight Academy has, because theirs can fly! They have now unveiled their own Eromanga Sensei and OreImo plane at the Nagoya Airport!

The aircraft is a Piper PA-46, and it features the characters from Tsukasa Fushimi’s two light novel series, OreImo and Eromanga Sensei. The left side features Eromanga Sensei, while the right side features OreImo characters. Aniplex itself chose the characters to feature on the plane.

The plane first flew from Saga Airport to Matsuyama Airport last May 22nd, before flying a caravan flight from Saga Airport to Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, and then back to Saga last May 28th. It will be exhibited on June 3rd, and will be open for the public to view while grounded. It will also have scheduled flights on June 2nd and 4th.

This is part of a collaboration between the two anime and E-Flight Academy, a school which specializes in teaching future pilots and air traffic control officers.

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Source: EFlight Academy twitter


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