Yowamushi Pedal is currently getting some really exciting episodes as the Inter-High officially gets underway. With fans getting hyped for each episode, one of its animators has revealed via twitter that it’s also getting a 4th season. Hiroki Horiuchi, who worked as an animator and prop designer for all three seasons of the anime, revealed in his tweet that he’s “scheduled to work on the fourth season of Yowamushi Pedal.”

However, he took down that tweet a bit later, and there’s still no official announcement for Season 4 yet. The series is listed at 25 episodes, with the 24th already airing earlier this week. The anime is now focusing on the Inter-High competition, but is still halfway through it, with the final episode airing next week.

While there is still no official announcement, the tweet by Horiuchi was greeted with much celebration from the fans, who will be left wondering what might happen next when the anime ends in the middle of Onoda’s second Inter-High.

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Source: ANN


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