There are many anime which deserve a second season, however, that second season may not happen, or won’t happen after a long time. Of course, one of these anime that fans are constantly asking a Season 2 for is The Devil is a Part-Timer. In fact, its creator, Satoshi Wagahara, is well aware that fans are asking for a second season. However, he recently pointed out in his twitter that there’s a lot of reasons why there’s no second season yet.

In his tweet, Wagahara stated that he himself is the franchise’s “biggest fan”. However, even if the creators themselves want an anime, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll get one. He reminded fans that anime is “also a business”, so no matter how much fans want an anime of it, they won’t necessarily get one. However, he did tell fans that they shouldn’t give up hope for what they want just yet.

Wagahara previously told fans that he cannot guarantee a second season. He also added that there may never even be a sequel to his light novels’ anime adaptation. However, he does keep the fans’ opinions in mind. In fact, he admitted that the anime’s second season is what fans (and some of his own friends) inquire about the most.

He also said that he plans to do more works for the franchise, not just the novels. However, he did admit that his work on the main novels may be slowed due to the increased workload.

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