School Live!, also known as Gakkou Gurashi, is known to fans as the “Healing Anime”. And it definitely doesn’t involve a zombie apocalypse, right? However, Manga Time Kirara Forward has some bad news for fans of the anime, as they revealed that the manga the “Healing Anime” is based on is going on “Extended Hiatus”.

Based on  Norimitsu Kaihou and Sadoru Chiba’s popular manga, the magazine didn’t reveal when the manga will return exactly. However, they did reveal that they are aiming to return by the end of the year. They also said that the manga magazine will be announcing more details on when the magazine returns.

Looks like we won’t be getting some “Healing” for a few months as we wait for the “Definitely-Not-A-Zombie-Apocalypse” manga to return. In the mean time, let’s enjoy the anime adaptation’s very happy OP with no indications that a zombie apocalypse is happening.

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