Dendama is a really old Japanese novelty game which dates back to the Edo period. It’s a game of skill, as players try to get the ball in all sides of they toy before trying to get its pointy end inside a small hole in the ball. Now, thanks to the Sword Art Online Future Lab, it’s also getting its own SAO twist

Called the Dendama SAO Edition, it boasts sensors and a motif inspired by Kirito’s two swords, Elucidator and Dark Repulser. The toy’s sensors go would work with a linked app to track the ball’s movements, and also rank the players based on their skills in handling the Dendama.

This SAO edition also allows players to compete with other people around the world, and not just their friends. And yes, there’s also a ranking system involved.

The Dendama official website is now accepting pre-orders for this hi-tech version of the classic Japanese game. The app for the game is also compatible with iOS 8 or more, and Android 5.1 or more. But unlike most ordinary Dendama games, this one ain’t cheap, and costs 15,000 yen plus tax. They will release it in February 2018.

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