The TV anime adaptation of Kore Yamazaki’s The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga is definitely one of the most highly-anticipated TV anime this year. Now, as the final OVA, “Those Awaiting a Star”, is about to be released on August 19th, Shochiku has now released a new PV for it:

They also released the second PV for the upcoming TV anime as well.

The TV anime takes place after the events of the OVA, and will be making its premiere in October. Aside from the new PVs, they also released new visuals for both the OVA and the TV anime. The first image below is for the TV anime, while the second one is for the third and final OVA.

Wit Studio (Attack on Titan) is producing the animation for both the OVA and the TV anime, with Norihiro Naganuma also directing both works. The cast from the 3-part OVA will also be reprising their roles in the TV anime.

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