The 6-part Digimon Adventure tri movie series is almost done! And with the penultimate movie in the series, titled Digimon Adventure tri: Kyousei, almost coming up, a new trailer has finally been released.

The trailer reveals the movie’s release date, which will be on September 30, 2017. It will continue the story of the Digidestined, following the events of the 4th movie, Shoushitsu. Aside from the new trailer, the official website has now also revealed the anime movie’s new visual:

From the looks of things, it seems that Gatomon/Tailmon, as well as Meicoomon, are finally getting their own Mega Digivolutions as well. It also features Meiko and Hikari, who seem to be the focus characters for this movie.

Now, who here is excited for the 5th film? Hopefully, it will answer a few more questions left behind by the four previous films.

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