After getting a TV anime from Kyoto Animation, Honobu Yonezawa’s high school mystery novel, Hyouka, is getting itself a live-action movie. Now Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel has revealed the movie’s latest teaser trailer, which features Kento Yamazaki as Houtarou Oreki, and Alice Hirose as Eru Chitanda.

The new trailer also features the movie’s theme song, which is “Iolite” by Itowokashi. It also announces that the movie will be premiering in Japan on November 3, 2017. Here is the movie’s poster featuring Oreki and Chitanda:

Aside from Yamazaki and Hirose, Fujiko Kojima and Amane Okayama will also star in the movie to complete the Classic Literature Club. Mari Asato will be directing the movie.

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