After rocking out the theme song for your name., Japanese rock band, RADWIMPS guitarist, Youjirou Noda, is having his first solo project as he performs the theme song for the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie. Now, the manga-based film is teasing that new song, titled “Banka”, in a brand new trailer.

The video comes with English subtitles, and offers a bit of a background on what ghouls are. It also teases Kaneki’s story as a half-human, half-ghoul who lives in both worlds.

Kentarou Hagiwara is directing the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie, which will be making its Japanese premiere on July 29, 2017. It stars Masaki Kubota as Ken Kaneki, and the controversial Fumika Shimizu as Tohka Kirishima. Yuu Aoi also stars as Rize Kamishiro.

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