Arc System Works has been quite busy a lot lately, with Evo 2017, the new Blazblue crossover game, the new Dragon Ball FighterZ game, Guilty Gear, and many more. Now, it looks like they’ve sent a team of their developers to California to the headquarters of Riot Games, the guys behind League of Legends.

So, what are these fighting game company developers doing in a MOBA developer’s offices? According to their twitter post, They’re just visiting and touring the facility. While game developers usually tour another company’s offices ain’t something new, there’s always a reason for it. So yeah, maybe they’re not just trying to go on a vacation in California and just happening to drop by Riot Games for no reason at all. Maybe Arc System Works and Riot Games are planning something, and that’s what got a lot of fans talking.

They haven’t exactly revealed any huge details yet, but the gaming world is already abuzz with rumors such as some League of Legends heroes getting Blazblue or Guilty Gear skins or a crossover of sorts. But whatever it is, one can’t help but wonder what did they meet with Riot for? Hmmmmmmmmmm…

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