Singapore’s ARTBLOVK GALLERY takes in local issues and the Global Movement in the latest gallery by The Good Citizen Movement, titled “SINGAWHORE”. This new gallery also embraces a psychedelic and wholehearted, unabashed view of Singaporean culture and identity.

Established in 2012 and helmed by Citizen Dan, the raw energy and brutal frankness of A Good Citizen’s (好公) art explores topics of politics, gender, race and religion without reservations. SINGAWHORE features a deliciously unfiltered platter of previously unseen brand new works by A Good Citizen for the discerning crowd.

A special sharing session with Citizen Dan will be held on 11 August 2017 at the ARTBLOVK Gallery between 1900-2100 with refreshments.

The exhibition will run from 11 August through to 03 September 2017 at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #03-05. Entry is free to all visitors. Limited availability original artworks will be available for purchase.

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