Saying that Attack on Titan has a legion of fans may be a but of an understatement. After all, the anime is currently one of the most popular titles right now. One of them is a Japanese kid whose mom also happens to be a food sculptor. When the mom, twitter user @bashauma_, found out that her son is a huge fan of the anime, she gave the boy a special treat. Using her food carving skills, she carved out the Colossal Titan’s face into a watermelon of all things.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the kid loved it, and even played around with it. And as for the melon, they weren’t really wasteful with food as they ate the extra parts.

As for the mom herself, she’s also a huge Free! fan. In fact, she made another watermelon food carving for Free!’s Haruka on his birthday. It’s even the pinned post on her twitter page.

Now that’s a skillful and dedicated fan indeed! Keep up the good work!

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images via @bashauma_


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