Military enthusiast and popular seiyuu (voice actress), Sumire Uesaka, allegedly received death threats from a 20-year old college student named Tatsuya Onodera. Police then moved in to arrest Onodera in the Hiyoridamachi area of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture.

Onodera allegedly posted the threats on the Japanese messaging board, 2 Channel. He threatened to “definitely murder her” on the messaging board, and later admitted to police that he really did so. Police have reported that Onodera is a huge fan of Uesaka, and have posted at least 20 threats online.

The police arrested Onodera for disrupting Sumire Uesaka’s work as a seiyuu. These threats then prompted the seiyuu and her staff to hold meetings, and they even hired a security guard for her. Agencies take online threats seriously after several celebrities have already been attacked by crazed stalker fans.

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