The Pokemon anime has been running for 20 years now, and with that much time, it’s pretty clear that he’s changed and evolve. And even though 20 years has passed, he’s still 10, but no 10-year old has gone through so much changes in 20 years, which makes him all the more unique.

 Japanese Twitter user @maboroshi_mochi compiled the Eternal 10-year old’s looks through the years, through the various Pokemon series. The image lists the original Pokemon anime, the original anime’s later episodes (which include his Johto adventures), Advanced Generations (Hoenn), Diamond and Pearl (Sinnoh), Best Wishes (Unnova), XY/XY & Z (Kalos), Sun and Moon (Alola), and his latest version for the Pokemon, I Choose You! movie.

DeviantArt user, JetFox89, also made his own Ash evolution line. Unlike the image above, he featured full-body versions of Ash.

So far, Ash’s Alola look is the one which looks the most different. Meanwhile, Good Smile Company also released its own version of Ash, which is based on his original look. Slated for release in December 2017, the figure costs 5,000 yen and is now available for pre-order through several online shops. Ash comes with Pikachu, who also comes with some nice electric-type effects.

So, which Ash version is your favorite of all?

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