After over a decade, Hiro Mashima has announced via twitter on the evening of July 8th that he has now finished working on Fairy Tail. He also tweeted a plaque featuring the manga’s main characters, as well as its run, which lasted from 1996 – 2017.

Mashima also said that they went through a lot, and then went on to thank his staff, which he described is the “Best Staff” out there. The mangaka previously tweeted two weeks ago that he was about to start working on the manga’s final chapter, which is chapter 545. I guess he’s done working now and could start enjoying a much-deserved break… for now of course. Don’t worry though, he’ll be back soon enough.

So folks, this is it, the manga will finally be done. Were you a fan of the manga? What’s your favorite Fairy Tail moment?

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