Beach Volleyball may only have two players on each team, but many enthusiasts say it’s just as intense as regular volleyball. Now, Manga Time Kirara Forward’s upcoming September 2017 issue is revealing that its own beach volleyball manga, HaruKana Receive by Nyoi Jizai, is getting its very own TV anime adaptation.

The manga follows the tall-yet-inexperienced Haruka, and her partner, the short-yet-experienced Kanata. The latter was supposed to quit Beach Volleyball because of her height, however, she meets the tall Haruka, who has a complex about her tall stature. However, Haruka is inexperienced in Volleyball, but the two still form a pair to competitively play the sport in Okinawa.

The issue which announces the TV anime adaptation goes on sale on July 24, 2017. Rakuten, which is one of the online shops selling the magazine, didn’t reveal much details about the TV anime. However, expect that Manga Time Kirara Forward reveal more in the days ahead.

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