It’s no secret that the Japanese really love Mad Max. The post-apocalyptic movie set in the world of sand has inspired plenty of parodies, as well as cosplays in the country. Now, Hatsune Miku herself jumps into her own post-apocalyptic world of sand in her latest music video, Suna ni Wakusei, or… well… World of Sand.

So even after an apocalypse, Miku is still an idol, huh? She’s also still pretty fabulous even after the world ended.

The video has received much praise from animation enthusiasts, as well as avid vocaloid fans for its good quality. It’s actually animated by Minakata Laboratory, which has previously worked on the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva video game. Meanwhile, Hachi, who has worked with Minakata Laboratory, has both composed and arranged the song.

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