Every year, dancing Pikachu would invade the Japanese city of Yokohama. The event is still in August, but Pikachu are slowly taking over the city. Our very own Zenko recently visited Yokohama, and from the moment she arrived in Sakuragichou Station, she was greeted with Pikachu… Pikachu everywhere!

Meanwhile, over at nearby Landmark Plaza, Pokemon fever is now in full gear.

Landmark Plaza also features a few more Pokemon-related games and goodies for everyone to enjoy.

And finally, right outside, you can see how much the city is bracing for the onslaught of those lovable electric mice!

The Pikachu Outbreak will officially happen on August 14, with 1,500 Pikachu parading down Nihon Odori Avenue. Other Pokemon-related events include a Pikachu Airship, Pokemon GO Park and Pokemon GO Stadium, a Pikachu greeting from a cruise ship, and various Pikachu shows all over Yokohama.

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