AFA – Anime Festival Asia has teamed up with Japan’s largest character and hobby convention, C3 Chara Expo to create C3 AFA. After successful runs in Indonesia and Thailand, and before its Singapore run this November, the event now graces Tokyo! And much like previous C3 Expo events, the event debuted plenty of figures and plastic models for collectors to enjoy.

Let’s start things off with Bandai, which of course featured plenty of new and upcoming GunPla in their booth. But then again, Bandai has shown that they’re not just about GunPla, so they also featured several other figures and plastic models as well. They also had a Zeon Throne photo booth in their area as well.

Meanwhile, Bandai subsidiary, Banpresto, was also present during C3 AFA Tokyo. They featured their usual fare of character goods, which include prize figures, as well as other merchandise.

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