We’ve already met one of his Paladins in Fate/Apocrypha in Astolfo, and now, we’re about to meet the legendary King of the Franks himself. Marvelous has revealed the latest addition to their Fate/Extra video game series, and it’s titled Fate/Extella Link. And yes, it will introduce us to Astolfo’s King himself, Charlemagne.

As expected, the King of the Franks will be a Saber Class, as he’s tied with the legendary sword, Joyeuse. In fact, his noble phantasm is Joyeuse Ordre, The Twelve Shining Swords That Encircle the World and Point to the Hero King. Charlemagne ruled over France, Germany, and other parts of Europe, and would later become the Holy Roman Emperor. He subjugated pagan barbarians and would spread Christianity across Europe. Good’ol Charlie also defended the realm against Islamic and Viking incursions. He has gained a reputation as both an excellent king, as well as a skilled tactician and fighter.

Aside from this legendary conqueror king, the staff also revealed the designs for the player protagonist. Fans can choose either a male character, or a female character.

Marvelous has also launched an official website for the game. There, it features a new official visual featuring Saber Charlemagne.

More details about the game, such as Platform, release date, and gameplay, will be revealed in the days to come.

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