“Gatebox” Virtual Home Robot video has launched a new collaboration project with the virtual diva herself, Hatsune Miku. This collaboration has Miku join their “Living with” project, which allows users to be able to call out to and live with certain characters.

Gatebox describes their “Living With” as:

“Living with” is a project to materialize your dreams of living together with a character you’ve only been able to admire from behind the screen before now. Not only will you have access to Gatebox’s original character, Azuma Hikari, but also many other characters who will be making appearances throughout the project.

Now, imagine this project with Miku, and you get “Living with Hatsune Miku”. This will be the first in a series of collaborations, and they will do a demo on this during Magical Mirai 2017.

■ About the Collaboration with Hatsune Miku
The first chapter of this project is unfolding with none other than the virtual songstress, Hatsune Miku!

1.Distribution of Hatsune Miku Content from Gatebox
Hatsune Miku will make her Gatebox debut on March 9th, 2018! This Hatsune Miku Gatebox will of course include features such as you being woken up by her angelic voice in the morning and coming home from a hard day’s work to her affectionate greeting. What’s more, a famous illustrator will be designing a new version of Miku especially for this project!

2.“Magical Mirai 2017” Exhibit
To commemorate the launch of this project, a demo unit will be on display at Hatsune Miku’s special event, Magical Mirai 2017. At Gatebox’s booth, you will be able to experience a short demo of “Living with Hatsune Miku”. If you are interested in attending the demo session, please reference the link below.
※Application Deadline: 12:00AM JST, Sunday Aug. 20, 2017

The Gatebox Museum will also be held at the same venue, where never before seen Gatebox prototypes and products will be on display. Please reference the link below for the Magical Mirai 2017 itinerary.

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