When Hunter x Hunter returned to serialization, we practically saw it going on hiatus yet again. We knew that it was gonna happen sooner or later, and now, it seems like Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine’s 40th issue is revealing that Yoshihiro Togashi is going back to hiatus.

According to the magazine, the hiatus will begin after issue 40. However, the author’s note suggests that Togashi may be back sooner than expected. It seems that he promised that he’ll be back before the year ends as he said in that author’s note: ““I received some donbei [noodles] from Nissin Foods as a resurrection prize, so I’ll be back once more within the year.”

But then again, this is Togashi we’re talking about, and fans are already rolling their eyes expecting another extension for the hiatus. Hey, if you’ve got a reputation for not coming back to do your manga for years on end, fans won’t trust your word. But then again, let’s just wait and see if he keeps that promise this time around, huh?

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Source: YonkouProd and Herms98


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