The Gundam portal site,, has confirmed what many have been wondering for a long time, and that’s whether the life-size Unicorn Gundam will be able to transform or not. And according to the announcement, the answer is YES! It can in fact transform from “Unicorn Mode” to “Destroy Mode” and vice versa.

Weighing in at approximately 49 tons and having a height of 19.7m, this new life-size Unicorn Gundam is certainly bigger than its 18m predecessor, the RX-78-2 Gundam. It boasts over 50 movable panels and parts to aid in that transformation. And yes, like the actual Unicorn Gundam in the anime, it also lights up.

Called the “Unicorn Gundam TWC ver.” (Tokyo Waterfront City version), this life-size Gundam will be making its debut in Odaiba on September 24, 2017. And much like its predecessor, it will also have its own trailer shop right beside it called… well… Gundam Trailer Shop. The shop will sell Gundam merchandise, and it will open this September 24, the same date as the unveiling of the life-size Gundam.

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