Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine is one of the most prestigious manga magazines in Japan. Its titles include My Hero Academia, Shokugeki no Soma, Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Gintama, Hunter x Hunter, To Love-ru, Rurouni Kenshin, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Nisekoi, and many many more. It takes a lot to make it to that magazine with all its prestigious titles. So when they held their Kentaro Yabuki Manga Prize competition in 2016, its editors were shocked when they found out that one of its winning contestants only used a smartphone to create his winning piece.

Sou Atsumori’s Anata ga Koi to Iu no nara manga may have only won an honorable mention, but the budding mangaka managed to impress many veterans in the industry, many of whom have worked for the titles mentioned above. At first, the editors at Jump had no idea how Atsumori made the manga. But after a casual conversation, they were shocked to learn his tool of choice: an iPhone.

Jump assigned editor Yuuta Momiyama for Atsumori, and when he met his new charge, he was shocked once again. The editor expected that Atsumori would use a stylus when making his manga, but he later found out he was very wrong. It turns out that Atsumori only uses his fingers when drawing manga in his smartphone.

Atsumori’s manga has gained a reputation for having detailed facial expressions, so the shock that he just used a smartphone for his winning piece really had the Jump Editors surprised. Here’s how his Anata ga Koi to Iu no nara manga looks like. Take note, he only used a smartphone and his fingers to make this one:

However, he did admit that he never really remembered whether he read manga as a kid. He did say that he got into drawing manga after watching the Bakuman TV anime. He also admitted that when he did start making manga back in High School, he did work with a pen and paper. But after joining his school’s art club, he found many other members using their smartphones and their fingers when drawing, so he did that too. He admitted that he found it difficult at first. But then, his mother got him Wacom’s Intuos pen tablet, which he didn’t get to use much since his other family members used the PC often.

And when he discovered Jump’s manga contest, he decided to join because he disliked studying, and recently failed entrance exams. He devoted two months of drawing within his room using only his fingers and his smartphone.

But now that Jump has discovered him, he’s not using his phone to draw anymore, though he does admit that it has the MediBang Paint installed. He now uses a laptop, a tablet, and drawing software to create more manga.

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