A few days ago, Sand artist Toshihiko Hosaka started working on a brand new Attack on Titan sand sculpture. He’s been toiling at this 80-ton sand behemoth for days now, and so far, here’s his progress, which now features Mikasa Ackerman and the Armored Titan giving a thumbs up:

As featured in the second video, beach goers got to get their pictures taken with the massive 80-ton sand sculpture. Some even got to wear that signature Survey Corps jacket.

Hosaka also sculpted a massive 80-ton sand sculpture of the hulking Colossal Titan back in 2013. As for this new sand sculpture, he made this to commemorate the release of the Attack on Titan manga’s Vol. 23. However, this one ain’t finished yet, but we now know that it measures in at about three meters in height. The sculpture itself will go on display to the public once it is finished, but only until August 23. It will then be returned to the sea where it belongs.

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Images via Shingeki Sandart Official Website


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