Looks like we should expect plenty of great things to come for the hit MOBA, Vainglory. This is because Super Evil Megacorp received about US$19,000,000 in investments, and they aim to supercharge the game’s Tech, Game and Team. This means that we should expect to see more improvements in Vainglory in the future.

Here’s what Super Evil Megacorp has to say about its additional funding:

Super Evil will utilize the additional funding to continue to grow its team of masters-at-their-craft game designers, engineers and artists. Having recently doubled its San Mateo office space, the company has grown from 50 to 80 in the last six months alone and is looking to expand further. Super Evil will also use the the investment to continue developing its proprietary, console-grade,multi-platform E.V.I.L. engine that has made Vainglory’s stunning graphics, beautiful visual effects and realistic animations possible. Currently, the studio is heavily focused on developing Vainglory’s upcoming 5v5 game mode, which will add to the strategic depth of the game and offer more to the already thriving Vainglory competitive community.

Super Evil Megacorp has recently been seen making heavy forays into the Southeast Asian (SEA) market, having held the recent SEA Spring Championships in Manila, and participating in Singapore’s annual Youth celebrations at the SHINE Festival 2017, where they were part of a line-up that featured E-sports for the first time in the festival’s 12 year history. So expect more in the foreseeable future when it comes to this game.

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