Ryu Fujisaki’s Houshin Engi, also known as Soul Hunter, has already ended back in 2000, even getting a 2-cour TV anime adaptation in 1999. Now, according to Young Jump magazine’s latest issue, the now-classic series is getting a fresh new start with a brand new TV anime adaptation.

The anime will also get a new cast which is different from the 90’s anime. Kensho Ono will now voice Taikono, taking over the role from Hiro Sakurai. Meanwhile, Takahiro Sakurai is the new Supushan, taking over Youichi Masukawa. nd finally, Tomoaki Maeno is taking over for Takashi Matsuyama as Bunchuu.

Here’s how Viz describes the manga:

When his clan is wiped out by a beautiful demon, young Taikobo finds himself in charge of the mysterious Hoshin Project. Its mission: find all immortals living in the human world and seal them away forever. But who do you trust–and whose side are you really on–when you’ve been trained to hunt demons by a demon?

More details will be revealed about this new TV anime in the days to come.

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Source: YonkouProd


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