During Comiket 92, web developers Yanghua Jin and Jiakai Zhang distributed a technical report. From that, they launched a new website which utilizes artificial intelligence to create the user’s own ideal anime girl. This new website is called MakeGirls.moe, and it “hopes to help the artistically challenged bring their ideas to life.” Here are some that I made for myself:



Here’s what they had to say about their A.I. program:

We all love anime characters and are tempted to create our custom ones. However, it takes tremendous efforts to master the skill of drawing, after which we are first capable of designing our own characters. To bridge this gap, the automatic generation of anime characters offers an opportunity to bring a custom character into existence without professional skill.

They still have some room for improvement, such as adding more options. But the idea is quite nice and it gives the artistically-challenged such as myself some options on creating characters. But really, they should add more options of the hair, eye size, accessories, and many more. But all in all, I had quite some fun making my own moe girls, so try it out too if you want.

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Source: ANN


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