Comiket 92 has always been about the Doujinshi, or fan-made works, be it manga, games, or other merchandise. In previous years, the Touhou Project dominated the Comiket doujin arena, until Kantai Collection came along. But in the recently-concluded Comiket 92, which series reigned supreme?

Meiji University Yonezawa Memorial Library of Manga and Subculture Comiket researcher myrmecoleon has been counting the numbers for Comiket’s doujinshi for a while now. And for this latest Comiket, he’s pretty much doing the same as he counted the number of fan-made works made for the event. In a new graph, the researcher showed that the usual two (KanColle and Touhou Project) are still dominating, however, their numbers are down. And it seems that thanks to Fate/Grand Order, the Fate series has made a huge leap in the numbers of doujinshi made, but not enough to beat the other top contenders. Here are the results:
*Numbers represent exactly how many doujins were made for that series, blue lines indicate male-oriented series, while red lines indicate female-oriented series. Purple lines are for series with a more diverse audience, while the grey lines indicate the numbers of doujinshi the series had on the previous Comiket, Comiket 91.

  1. Kantai Collection
  2. Tohou Project
  3. The [email protected]
  4. Touken Ranbu
  5. Fate series
  6. Love Live!
  7. Yuri!!! on Ice
  8. Girls Und Panzer
  9. Granblue Fantasy
  10. Haikyu!!
  11. Mr. Osomatsu
  12. Vocaloid
  13. Tiger & Bunny
  14. Kuroko’s Basketball
  15. Attack on Titan
  16. Ensemble Stars
  17. Yowamushi Pedal
  18. World Trigger
  19. Hetalia series
  20. Blood Blockade Battlefront
  21. My Hero Academia

With the numbers, The [email protected] almost beat Touhou, which dominated the event for years. But even at 2nd place, Zun’s hit franchise has shown it’s still a Comiket powerhouse. As for KanColle, it’s still pretty dominant despite having fewer doujins than last Comiket.

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