After being a smash hit back in the winter season, Kemono Friends is still going strong. Now, it has a new smartphone app which features Serval herself waking users up, as well as other features.

And while the new app starts out with just Serval, the game’s staff promises to add even more Friends in the future. As for Serval herself, the app boasts over 200 recorded lines from her seiyuu, Yuka Ozaki. Users can unlock them by interacting with Serval and raising her Nakayoshi Level. They can also get some of them during certain times of the day.

The app also has other features, such as having Serval interact with the images stored in your phone. It also has a “fortune teller” function, which allows a Friend to read the user’s daily fortune.

The app is now available in the Japanese version of the App Store and Google Play. However, it’s not free as it costs 720 yen, and it also requires iOS 9.0 or Android 4.0 and up to operate.

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