Japanese developer, Gugenka, has revealed that they are currently making VR experiences for the popular “sibling romance” anime, Eromanga Sensei, and the diving anime, Dive!!.

The first app is called “Mezamashi VR! Eromanga Sensei”, and it allows users to take a nap with Sagiri in the virtual world. She will then wake up the user in the appointed time. However, users still need VR goggles to make use of this new app, which Gugenka will release this Winter 2017.

As for Dive!!, its app is called Dive!! VR. It lets users hang out with the anime’s characters, however it’s divided into three installments. The Tomoki chapter will be released on September 21, followed by Yoichi on September 28, and Shibuki on October 5.

Meanwhile, Gugenka also announced a real-time multiplayer virtual reality app called “PARALLEL VR LIVE”. It follows a virtual artiste named Megu Shinonome, as she interacts with her audience in real time.

Finally, Gugenka announced an AR app for Apple titled “HoloModels by ARKit”. This new app inserts AR (Augmented Reality) characters into any environment.

The Gugenka booth will demonstrate and preview these VR and AR apps during The Tokyo Game Show event at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from September 21-24.

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Source: Animeanime.jp


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