Looks like the girls of Poppin’ Party are heading to the beach for a very special BanG Dream! OVA. Yes folks, the girls will be out in swimsuits for the OVA, and now, BanG Dream!’s official YouTube channel has revealed a brand new PV for this special beach episode.

As the video revealed, the OVA will also feature the girls of Roselia heading to the beach alongside Poppin’ Party. It is officially titled “Asonjyatta!”.

Several Japanese TV stations will be airing the OVA along with its Blu-ray/DVD release, which will come with the release of the anime’s final volume. However, this final Blu-ray/DVD volume will be released a bit later, on November 22, 2017. The OVA was previously screened for a limited time between July and August 2017.

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