Japanese Animation OP sequences often range from awesome to good to mediocre to downright bad. However, it does have its own distinct style. YouTuber Narmak recently poked fun at Japanese OP sequences in a brand new video, which re-imagines the Spongbob Squarepants OP in the Japanese style.

The Japanese-style OP features a few common elements from that style, including a scene where the main character is running. Seriously, having characters run is one of the most common aspects in anime OP sequences, and can be found in various OPs, including Pokemon, Naruto, and many more. Japanese OP sequences often spoil plot twists too, so it also spoiled the audience that Squidward kills Patrick. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And yes, there was some yaoi teasing that fangirls really like too! Just remember that this is a parody video which pokes fun at Anime OPs. Though I think it’s still lacking some actual Giant Robots the ones from the video are giant from Plankton’s perspective though) and sakura petals…

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